HYB Lot #1625
Cannabinoid Profile: HYB Lot #1625
△9THC 22.10%
△9THCA 0.37%
△9THCV 0.13%
CBD 0.05%
CBG 0.09%
CBN 0.09%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Pinene 12.2%
Myrcene 21%
Limonene 17.9%
Ocimene 12.5%
Linalol 8.2%
Caryophyllene 11.3%
Are you ready to have your mind blown? If you are, then you’re going to love this cheeky little trickster! Lot #1625 doesn’t have that overwhelming amount of THC like some other hybrid strains, coming in at an awesome 17-18% THC. It’s a great strain for anyone that loves to enjoy their cannabis without being totally overwhelmed.
If you love the idea of mint chocolate chip ice cream, then you’re going to fall head over heels in love with Lot #1625. The high from Lot #1625 will hit you smoothly, starting with an uplifting and euphoric head high that will have you contemplating many of life’s little mysteries. It’s an energetic and uplifting high that’s perfect for creativity.
Next, the high will start to spread slowly out from your head until it reaches every part of your body. The head high transitions into a relaxing full body high that will leave you wholly calm but not totally couch-locked. The high from Lot #1625 is a tricky little jokester, swinging from creative and uplifting through to sedative and relaxing.
The aroma of Mint Chocolate Chip is just as tricky as its high. You’ll smell that dank earthiness of most cannabis strains, combined with hints of mint, coffee, and spices. However, the aroma flows smoothly into the flavor where Lot #1625 is an entirely different beast. From the first inhale, you’ll notice hints of chocolate, mint, coffee, and that cookie dough flavor that’s reminiscent of freshly baked cookies fresh out of the oven.
If you aren’t afraid of the twists and turns of Lot #1625, and you’re looking for that balanced high you get from a fantastic hybrid, then this could be the cannabis strain for you! Take it low and slow until you know which way this little jokester swings!