HYB-Lot #2013
Cannabinoid Profile: HYB-Lot #2013
△9THC 17.30%
△9THCV 0.03%
CBD 0.03%
CBG 0.23%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Pinene 8.3%
Myrcene 42.2%
Limonene 10.5%
Ocimene 14.7%
Linalol 7.5%
Caryophyllene 8.9%
If you love a sativa dominant hybrid, then you’re going to have to strap in for this little jokester because you’re in for a wild ride with Lot #2013! Bred with some truly infamous genetics, Lot #2013 will leave you wishing you had taken it just a little more slowly as the 20-28% THC content is no joke.
The high from Lot #2013 is immediately going to rush to your head, leaving you with a wonderfully uplifting feeling of euphoria. Lot #2013 isn’t for relaxing in front of the television. It’s an uplifting and energetic high that is perfect for socializing with friends or getting that creative energy you need to finish off your project.
Once the initial head high smooths and flattens out, your body will feel calm but not sedated, leaving your mind racing at a million miles an hour. It’s the kind of high where you will want to sit and contemplate some of the universe’s mysteries. We know it’s that damn good you won’t want to miss it.
You’re immediately going to notice the sweet and sour citrus aroma of Tropicana Cookies. This deliciously sweet and sour aroma will continue through as you inhale before the sweet and doughy flavor of cookies becomes more prevalent on the exhale, lingering wonderfully in your mouth. It’s like a tropical orange and citrus flavor explosion in your mouth with a nice savory base to finish it off.
Lot #2013 is a great all-day smoke or vape and is perfect for anyone that enjoys getting their work done while high, working out, or just getting out and seeing what life has to offer. So if you have been searching for an energetic, uplifting, and euphoric sativa high, then look no further than Lot #2013 because it’s going to blow your mind!