IND Lot #3003
Cannabinoid Profile: IND-Lot #3003
△9THC 26.00%
△9THCV 0.05%
CBD 0.04%
CBG 0.15%
CBN 0.60%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Pinene 8%
Myrcene 13.7%
Limonene 26.5%
Linalol 14%
Caryophyllene 37.1%
Humulene 8.1%
Terpineol 6%

If you love a good indica strain, then Lot #3003 could be the perfect strain for you! But be warned, this little jokester isn’t taking any prisoners. The massive 25% plus average THC can leave even the most experienced smokers wishing they’d taken it a little bit more carefully!

The origins of Lot #3003 are a little mysterious. Still, it could be related to several pink strains and potentially boasts genetics from the infamous OG Kush, easily one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world! 

The potent body high and sedative effects of Lot #3003 should never be underestimated. So make sure that you have cleared your schedule in advance, found somewhere comfortable to crash out, and have plenty of snacks on hand for when the munchies kick in!

From the first inhale, the high from Lot #3003 is going to come in hard and fast with a euphoric head rush that will quickly transition into a full-body high, leaving your limbs feeling heavy and your body fully relaxed.

People suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, lack of appetite, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, or mood disorders should definitely give Lot #3003 a try. However, if you’re new to smoking or vaping cannabis, then take it low and slow with this jokester until you have a good understanding of just how potent it can truly be!

The aroma of Pink Coma features subtle notes of wood, earthiness, pine, and flowers flowing smoothly into the delicious flavor. From the first inhale to the last exhale, we’re sure that you’re going to love the aroma and taste of Lot #3003. So, if you have been searching for a potent indica strain with a full-body sedative high, then give Lot #3003 a try! We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!