IND Lot #6633
Cannabinoid Profile: IND Lot #6633
△9THC 27.40%
△9THCV 0.04%
CBD 0.05%
CBG 0.11%
CBN 0.03%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Caryophyllene 3.9%
Limonene 3.4%
Myrcene 2.4%
Linalol 2.2%
Humulene 1.6%
If you have been searching for an indica-dominant cannabis strain to wash away your worries and help you relax and the end of a stressful day, then Lot #6633 could be just what you’re searching for! This little jokester is standing by waiting for you, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a lightweight. It can pack a pretty big punch, especially when you’re not prepared for it!
The high from Candy Gas is a head-to-toe high. In other words, the initial euphoric high is going to start in your head before slowly washing over the rest of your body. This potent indica creates that classic ‘tight forehead and face’ feeling, leaving you rubbing your face and wondering what sort of wild ride you’re in for!
The aroma of Lot #6633 is sweet and fruity and has that classic candy flavor that many sweet strains possess. You’ll notice from the first inhale of the aroma that you can smell sour citrus with a fresh earthy undertone. The aroma transitions into the flavor, where you’ll pick up notes of fruity sweet candy with just the right amount of dank earthiness. Not only does it smell great, but it tastes even better, and we’re sure that Lot #6633 will make it into your regular smoking or vaping rotation!
If you are looking for a strain that’s ideal for the end of a long stressful day, then Lot #6633 is going to be perfect. It’s the ultimate way to unwind, destress, and let Lot #6633 wash away all of your worries. Just be sure that you’ve accomplished everything you need to before partaking, as you could find yourself couch-locked and watching a show for the foreseeable future! This is one indica strain that’s definitely worth a try!