IND-Lot #8904
Cannabinoid Profile: IND-Lot #8904
△9THC 23.80%
△9THCA 1.80%
△9THCV 0.13%
CBD 0.05%
CBG 0.12%
CBN 0.05%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Myrcene 3.59mg
Limonene 4.61mg
Linalol 2.61mg
Caryophyllene 4.62mg
Humulene 1.4mg
Bisobolol 1.68mg
If you love a strong indica and the full-body high buzz that accompanies it, then you’re going to fall head over heels in love with the cheeky jokesterlot #8904. Don’t approach lot #8904 without the right amount of respect, or this powerful indica is going to leave you wondering where the rest of your day or night went.
The initial head high of lot #8904 is going to come on fast and strong, washing over your mind and leave your eyes floating in your head. Within a few minutes,that head high will spread slowly down from your head to the rest of your body and limbs. You’ll feel like your entire body is wrapped in soft and warm cotton wool, leaving you just the right amount of numbness.

As with most indicas, you’ll want to clear your schedule before smoking or vaping lot #8904 and ensure that you have everything you need to settle in for a relaxing day or night. One of the greatest things about Walt’s Pink is its ability to help you wash away your worry and also your stress.

The delicious dank and earthy aroma of lot #8904 are absolutely to die for! Cannabis connoisseurs search their whole lives to find such potent aroma and flavor, and once you try lot #8904, we know that it’s going to be a regular in any favorite cannabis rotation.
Don’t be fooled by the subtle nature of lot #8904. This little jokester packs a punch that can’t be imitated by any other strains. Once that initial high washes over your body, get into some comfortable pants, grab some snacks, and settle in for a great day or night in front of the television or listening to some music. You won’t regret it!