IND-Lot #9481
Cannabinoid Profile: IND-Lot #9481
△9THC 22.40%
△9THCA 1.20%
△9THCV 0.11%
CBD 0.03%
CBG 0.47%
CBN 0.07%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Pinene 0.85mg
Myrcene 1.32mg
Limonene 2.14mg
Caryophyllene 3.5mg
Bisabolol 1.14mg
If you have been searching for the OG of indica strains, then look no further than the father of them all, Lot #9481! This heavy-hitting indica strain is going to leave you couch-locked and wishing you’d invested a few more dollars in Doritos before settling in for the night.
Lot #9481 is an indica dominant hybrid strain that shares its history with some well-known parents, including Face Off OG, SFV OG, and the granddaddy of all OG Kush. It’s hard to argue with such a stellar line up like that.
When you’ve had a rough day, and you’re looking for a strain that absolutely blows your mind and leaves you ready to relax and laugh while watching a movie, Lot #9481 is where it’s at. There is no time for worrying about what life has in store for you tomorrow when you strap on your favourite sweatpants and settle in for a night with Lot #9481.
Lot #9481 is going to hit you hard and wash over you with a cerebral lift, which will boost your spirits and mood before spreading throughout your body, leaving you with the ultimate full-body high. It’s the ultimate nighttime high and the perfect way to kick whatever blues are clouding your mind.
The sweet lemon’s delicious flavour is prominent in Lot #9481 and combines perfectly with just a subtle hint of citrus and kush. It doesn’t get any better than that! It smells great and tastes even better.
For too long, we have been focused on the mundane and ordinary, and it’s about time that we opened our eyes and started to look at what truly makes us happy. That’s where Lot #9481 steps up. It’s time to enlighten your mind, body, and spirit and stop looking at everything that’s wrong with the world and start focusing on what makes you happy.
This deliciously smooth yet hard punching bud is going to knock you down and then pick you up again. Just like you were floating on a pillow made of fluffy white clouds. If you’re ready to kick off your shoes and relax, then Lot #9481 is here to help!