(IND) Preroll #1119
Cannabinoid Profile: (IND) Preroll #1119
△9THC 22.40%
CBD 0.04%
CBG 0.60%
CBN 0.03%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Limonene 2.76mg
Linalol 1.53mg
Caryophyllene 6.26mg
Humulene 1.9mg
Guaiol 0.92mg
When it comes to powerful indica prerolls, there aren’t much better than Lot #1119! This powerful indica preroll boasts an impressive 22.4% THC that’s going to not only blow your mind but leave you feeling deeply relaxed and stress-free. After a long day at work, there’s no better way to relax than with Lot #1119.
This award-winning strain boasts some extremely powerful genetics, and if you’re planning on enjoying Lot #1119, then you should definitely clear your schedule ahead of time. The initial high from Lot #1119 is going to rush straight to head, settling in for one of those thought- clearing highs that leave you with a slack jaw and blank expression.
After the initial head high settles in, you’ll notice that the effects of Blueberry spread out to the rest of your body, leaving you feeling as if you were wrapped up in cotton wool. It’s one of those highs that leave you feeling like you haven’t got a trouble in the world.
If you love sweet, fruity smokes, then the flavor and aroma of Lot #1119 are going to blow you away! You’ll immediately notice the sweet blueberry aroma that’s highlighted by subtle notes of vanilla and skunky goodness. The aroma carries through to the flavor, and you’ll notice the sweet and fruity flavor on both the inhale and exhale. We’re sure that these high-quality prerolls are going to make it into your regular smoke rotation.
It’s not every day that you run into an indica strain that offers both a sweet and delicious flavor and also a cerebral high that opens you up to quiet self-reflection. Settle down on the couch, get a movie or some music ready, and settle in for an amazing experience that will leave you feeling stress-free and deeply relaxed!