SAT-Lot #2206
Cannabinoid Profile: SAT-Lot #2206
△9THC 23.00%
CBD 0.05%
CBG 0.70%
CBN 0.20%
Terpene Profile (mg/g)
Pinene 1.62mg
Myrcene 0.77mg
Limonene 2.74mg
Linalol 0.79mg
Caryophyllene 0.75mg
Humulene 0.21mg
Terpineol 1.02mg
If you have been searching for a well-balanced hybrid strain, then Lot #2206 could be the perfect choice for you, bringing the benefits of both sativa and indica characteristics! This well-balanced hybrid features a potent 23% THC that’s perfect for both the new cannabis enthusiast and also the experienced cannabis connoisseur. When it comes to premium hybrid pre-rolls, Lot #2206 doesn’t disappoint.
The genetics of Lot #2206 is a throwback to two very well-known cannabis strains, with the flavor and aroma of both parent strains coming through strongly in Lot #2206. You’re immediately going to notice the uplifting high from Lot #2206, which will quickly flow to the rest of your body, resulting in a comfortable body high that’s not too overwhelming.

One of the great things about Citrix is the clear-headed high that it provides. It’s strong but not overwhelming, which makes it an ideal strain for anyone that enjoys a great hybrid high. You get the euphoric and uplifting high because of the sativa and just enough of the body high to be soothing and relaxing without leaving you couch-locked and numb for hours.

The strong citrus flavor and aroma will be immediately noticeable, thanks in part to Lot #2206’s genetics and the two dominant terpenes, pinene and limonene. You’ll notice a delicious lemon, orange, grapefruit, citrus flavor, which continues on through the inhale and out with the exhale. The aroma is similarly delicious with just the right amount of skunky goodness!
When it comes to hybrid cannabis strains, Lot #2206 doesn’t disappoint, bringing a well-rounded and balanced high every time you smoke it. The benefit of Lot #2206 is that neither the sativa nor indica genetics is overpowering, with both balancing out each other and bringing the positives of both strain types.